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Flannel, towel, carpet, carding, velvet, coral fleece, PV fleece and all kinds of garments materials, home textiles materials, toys, auto pillow materials etc.

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● Computerized jacquard series were the newest machine developed by our company based on years of experience in mechanical process technology and knitting and weaving process
● The main frame is made from cast iron with excellent anti-vibration capability and provide with reasonable design of reinforcing rib structure that can reduce possibility of deformation and increase rigidity.
● Design of location between main plate gear and main plate, top gear and top adopts a special patent structure and can reduce the noise produced by gear greatly, not only improving the operation of gear, but also promoting precision of whole machine.
● Needle selection system adopts the needle selection unit manufactured by WAC of Japan, of which 2 or 3 bits selection technology can weave all kinds of fabrics free from limitation on pattern. Selection unit can meet the demand of high-speed operation of the machine.
● The machine adopts electronic selection unit to select needles in cylinder and can weave jacquard fabric of which patterns are not limited. The selection unit can select needle in three ways of knitting, including loop, tuck and float. Any kind of complicated pattern can be transferred into specific control instructions by computer-aided pattern system accurately and systematically.
● Precise encoder can calculate the position and calibration zero position of needle accurately, also can calibrate any error due to the force if inertia during start and stop automatically; in addition, a detector is added to assist zero calibration for accuracy of selection; thus the control system can check the encoder, judge whether its signal is proper and ensure stability of the whole system.

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DIAMETER : 30” - 38” (inch)

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Main Features

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